We also offer slitter rebuilds.


ConQuip has built a wide variety of slitters ranging from a wide web slitter (used for slitting heavy-duty, thick, rigid materials), to a lightweight slitter (for the most delicate membrane materials) and just about everything in between. Our ability to apply the appropriate design to your specific needs is equaled by no other.

Slitter Capabilities and Options:

Line Speed to 2000 ft./min. Score Cut
Web Width to 100 in. Razor Cut
Slit Width to 0.04 in.* Rotary Shear
Roll Diameter to 60 in. Custom Web Path

We offer slitters with simple, single position unwind and winders, to machines with duplex differential winding shafts. Our own proprietary differential design allows us to solve the most challenging slitting issues. Our inspection machines and winders offer features which maximize quality and productivity.

Your slitter can be configured to be a score, razor, shear slitter or carry any combination of the three slitting capabilities.

As with all of ConQuip's equipment, quality in workmanship is paramount. The heavy-duty machines feature 2 to 3 inch thick structural steel side frames, blanchard ground to ensure flatness. Structural steel tie bars ensure alignment and rigidity. Our bench top, ultra-low tension machines are fabricated from cast aluminum tooling plate, providing stable and true surfaces.

The heavy-duty slitters can operate at up to 2000 ft./min. and tensions ranging up to 12 PLI. The ultra low tension slitters can operate at tensions down to 0.10 PLI.

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