Your Process, Our Expertise

When you think of web handling expertise, Think ConQuip.

ConQuip, Inc. is a trusted partner, delivering volume manufacturing

solutions in demanding, competitive industries. Our customers/partners

include: thin film solar, flexible electronics, composite materials, high performance fabric, medical and filtration media markets.

These market leaders have commercialized

their technologies with manufacturing equipment

engineered and fabricated specifically for their unique

processes by us.

We're ConQuip, the web handling experts. Film or foil, paper or fabric, continuous or batch, we have the knowledge and expertise to compliment your process.

We develop proven solutions including: unwinds, winders, coaters, laminators, slitters and more. All with state-of-the-art tension control and ConQuip's legendary customer commitment.

To find out more, contact one of our sales engineers today. 916.379.8200

ConQuip Industrial Control Services: See services page

Emergency Service: 916.387.7382


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